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[EVEN MORE NEW FEATURES!] Recurring donations, add-ons, and more!

Recap: Donation Tracking

Just a few weeks ago we introduced you to a new feature around YouCanSend.me; Donation Tracking — The ability to have your donation totals update automatically. But since then, we’ve add even more goodies to the pot, and we’re here today to tell you about them!


The new “Donations” menu option allows you to see a list of your donations, as well as the information on the supporters who donated to you. You’ll see totals, and even have the ability to export a list of all donations (useful for mailing ‘thank you’ letters), as well as a one-stop spot to email every one of your supporters!

Recurring Donations

From the very first week that YouCanSend.me was put into action, we’ve been asked quite a few questions, but none as often as the question of recurring billing. From the college student, to the intern, to the long-term missionary, there were a lot of you that were interested in allowing people to support them on a repeating schedule (aka $100 per month) rather than just one time donations. Your wish has come true! With a simple YouCanSend.me Add-On, you can turn on the ability to let your supporters set up recurring donations in weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals!


While we’re on the subject, now would be a great time to introduce you to the newest group of shiny things around YouCanSend.me; Add-Ons! While the first Add-On available is Recurring Donations, we have a whole list of Add-Ons that are heading your way soon! These features are all completely separate and you can enable them individually on your account! Simply log in to your Admin Panel, And go to My Account > Account Options, and you’ll be able to make all the changes you need!

Account Options

And, while we’re one the subject of Account Options, we might as well introduce you to the newest place to keep up with the features you have available on your YouCanSend.me account! By visiting you Admin Panel > My Account > Account Options, you can find which level of service you have, as well as any add-on features that you have enabled!

Premium Themes

And finally, a topic we’ve already touched on briefly before. We’ve finally got the finishing touches put on Premium Themes! Now in addition to the basic theme choices you have when you sign up, you can also purchase new and exciting premium themes for only 5 bucks! Just head to your Admin Panel > Settings > Themes and click the Premium Themes tab on the top of the page to be whisked away to a magical theme wonderland.

Wrapping Up

Well that’s all the fun we have for today! We hope these new features make it even easier for you to raise funds and stay connected. Be sure to let us know of any new ideas and feature requests by dropping us a line at hello@youcansend.me

[NEW FEATURE] Automatic PayPal Donation Tracking

Great news! Now all donations you receive online through your YouCanSend.me site are automatically added to your total funds raised — All without you having to touch a thing!

Before today (05/19/11), funds raised through PayPal donations or offline all needed to be entered into your YouCanSend.me site manually. Now, any donations made online through your YouCanSend.me site will be automatically added to your total funds raised.

Any funds that you had entered into your site before 05/19/11 as “Funds Raised” have been moved to “Outside Funds Raised” in your admin panel.

Although you still have the option to add track outside funds raised (example: checks in the mail, cash from grandma, money from a bake sale), any funds donated through your YouCanSend.me site into your PayPal account will automatically be added to your site.

All this means is that now you can spend more time raising funds and interacting with supporters, and less time worrying about keeping up with money.

So, to recap:

  1. Online donations are automatically added to “PayPal Funds Raised”.
  2. Offline donations can be added to “Outside Funds Raised” in your admin panel.
  3. Your Total Funds Raised = PayPal Funds Raised + Outside Funds Raised.

New Look, New Features, New Friend!

New Look

YouCanSend.me’s New Homepage Design

At the beginning of this week we launched an all new look for YouCanSend.me. Now its even easier for you to login, find answers to common questions, and browse other YouCanSend.me users’ pages. On tops of that, we are now featuring users on the YouCanSend.me homepage. Check out the new look today at YouCanSend.me!

New Features

Blog Comments

Blog comments allow your visitors to comment on your blog posts, and allows you to respond! All of this to add one more level of communication between you and your supporters.

RSS Feeds

RSS stands for “really simple sydication”. Never heard of it before? Don’t worry. Basically it’s a feature that allows user to follow your blog post using an RSS reader. What does that mean? It means anyone who chooses to follow your RSS feed will get updated instantly when you make a new post on your YouCanSend.me blog.

Subscribe by Email

Subscribe by Email is a great new feature. It works a lot like RSS, except it’s a little easier. Anyone who wants to follow your blog post simply puts in their e-mail address, and hits “Subscribe”. Then, anytime you make a post, those people are sent an email letting them know that you updated your blog. You can also manage your subscriptions in the YouCanSend.me admin panel, and add or remove users to your email subscription lists anytime. This makes it’s super easy to add Grandma’s email address, so she doesn’t have to to to figure it out on her own!

WordPress for Smartphones

We are really excited about this one. You may or may not know this, but YouCanSend.me is proudly built on top of the WordPress platform. Why does that matter? Well, not only do you have the industry’s leading blogging tools baked into your site, but as of today you can use the WordPress Mobile apps for your smartphone to submit post, upload photos, and add or approve comments from anywhere, at anytime. This is a great asset in helping you, our beautiful users, keep your blogs up to date as you raise funds, and while you’re on your trip.
Read more about YouCanSend.me & WordPress for Smartphones »

Short URLs for Your Page

Since we know that a huge part of getting your page out there happens through sites like Facebook & Twitter, and since we know that youcansend.me isn’t exactly the shortest web address in the world, we decided to help you save some characters in your Twitters & Facebook posts with our new short URL, ycs.me. You would use it exactly like you’d use the full youcansend.me address. So instead of tweeting about http://youcansend.me/brandon, you can tweet about http://ycs.me/brandon, and save yourself a few characters!

Site Titles Updates

Since we’ve now introduced Search into the new YouCanSend.me homepage, we wanted to give everyone a heads-up that when someone searches for you, they will now see your Site Title (that you entered when you created your site) in the search results. What this means is that you might want to make sure that your site title is informative and let’s people know that they’ve found you! So, although “I’m going to India!” may be a fun title, “John Smith’s trip to India” may help people find you a little easier in their search.
Get more info about changing your Site Title »

New Friend

Meet Kevin

Allow us to introduce you to the newest member of the YouCanSend.me family… Kevin Penguin.

Kevin was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, and he seemed like the perfect fit when we were looking to hire another employee to help around the office. Kevin is in charge of customer happiness, as well as making sure YouCanSend.me is always running smoothly. If you’d like to get in touch with him directly, you can reach him via email, kevin@youcansend.me

Wrapping Up

That’s about all the news we have for today! We’re hoping these new features make it even easier for you to raise funds and stay connected with your supporters! As always, if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns, feel free to email us at info@youcansend.me

Happy Fund-Raising!

- The YouCanSend.me Team

Updating your YouCanSend.me Site Title

Your “Site Title” is simple line of text that displays in three places; the top of the browser window when someone visit’s your site, in the “Recent Activity” list on the YouCanSend.me homepage, and in Search Results if someone is searching for you.

The top of the browser probably won’t get noticed by most people, but it will definitely be seen when your pages makes the “Recent Activity” list on the YouCanSend.me homepage, and it’ll help someone that is searching for your site identify you. Which means having a site title that says, “Going to camp 2011″ or “Haiti 2011″ would make it difficult for someone to know who the site was for at first glance. So you’ll probably want to make it something that includes your name and where you are going. (i.e. “Kevin Smith’s Mission Trip to Haiti” or “Kevin Smith Goes to Yale”.)

Follow these steps to change your “Site title”.

1. Login to YouCanSend.me
2. In the left hand menu go to Settings/General
3. Here you will find your “Site Name”
4. Edit and choose save.

YCS.M & WordPress for SmartPhones

As we built YouCanSend.me, one of our main goals was to help users stay connected with their supporters. So we decided to integrate the most popular online blogging tool around, WordPress.

WordPress is the leader in online blogging and has revolutionized the way blogging works today. With great tools for photos, posts, comments and more, there is not limit to how you can use it.

Today we are announcing support for one of our favorite features; WordPress for SmartPhones.

As of today, YouCanSend.me users can download the WordPress app for your specific smartphone and manager your blog right from the app. Easily create posts, moderate comments, upload photos, and more, straight from your phone!

Setup WordPress for Smartphones

  • Check the list below and download the correct version of the app for your phone.
  • Open the app and choose “Add self-hosted WordPress Blog”
  • Then enter the following:
    • URL: http://youcansend.me
    • USERNAME: Your YouCanSend.me username
    • PASSWORD: Your YouCanSend.me password

Download WordPress for your for your device today!

Apple iPhone & iPad

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