Updating your YouCanSend.me Site Title

Your “Site Title” is simple line of text that displays in three places; the top of the browser window when someone visit’s your site, in the “Recent Activity” list on the YouCanSend.me homepage, and in Search Results if someone is searching for you.

The top of the browser probably won’t get noticed by most people, but it will definitely be seen when your pages makes the “Recent Activity” list on the YouCanSend.me homepage, and it’ll help someone that is searching for your site identify you. Which means having a site title that says, “Going to camp 2011″ or “Haiti 2011″ would make it difficult for someone to know who the site was for at first glance. So you’ll probably want to make it something that includes your name and where you are going. (i.e. “Kevin Smith’s Mission Trip to Haiti” or “Kevin Smith Goes to Yale”.)

Follow these steps to change your “Site title”.

1. Login to YouCanSend.me
2. In the left hand menu go to Settings/General
3. Here you will find your “Site Name”
4. Edit and choose save.