[EVEN MORE NEW FEATURES!] Recurring donations, add-ons, and more!

Recap: Donation Tracking

Just a few weeks ago we introduced you to a new feature around YouCanSend.me; Donation Tracking — The ability to have your donation totals update automatically. But since then, we’ve add even more goodies to the pot, and we’re here today to tell you about them!


The new “Donations” menu option allows you to see a list of your donations, as well as the information on the supporters who donated to you. You’ll see totals, and even have the ability to export a list of all donations (useful for mailing ‘thank you’ letters), as well as a one-stop spot to email every one of your supporters!

Recurring Donations

From the very first week that YouCanSend.me was put into action, we’ve been asked quite a few questions, but none as often as the question of recurring billing. From the college student, to the intern, to the long-term missionary, there were a lot of you that were interested in allowing people to support them on a repeating schedule (aka $100 per month) rather than just one time donations. Your wish has come true! With a simple YouCanSend.me Add-On, you can turn on the ability to let your supporters set up recurring donations in weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals!


While we’re on the subject, now would be a great time to introduce you to the newest group of shiny things around YouCanSend.me; Add-Ons! While the first Add-On available is Recurring Donations, we have a whole list of Add-Ons that are heading your way soon! These features are all completely separate and you can enable them individually on your account! Simply log in to your Admin Panel, And go to My Account > Account Options, and you’ll be able to make all the changes you need!

Account Options

And, while we’re one the subject of Account Options, we might as well introduce you to the newest place to keep up with the features you have available on your YouCanSend.me account! By visiting you Admin Panel > My Account > Account Options, you can find which level of service you have, as well as any add-on features that you have enabled!

Premium Themes

And finally, a topic we’ve already touched on briefly before. We’ve finally got the finishing touches put on Premium Themes! Now in addition to the basic theme choices you have when you sign up, you can also purchase new and exciting premium themes for only 5 bucks! Just head to your Admin Panel > Settings > Themes and click the Premium Themes tab on the top of the page to be whisked away to a magical theme wonderland.

Wrapping Up

Well that’s all the fun we have for today! We hope these new features make it even easier for you to raise funds and stay connected. Be sure to let us know of any new ideas and feature requests by dropping us a line at hello@youcansend.me