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Look Out! New Features!

Since the site launched last weekend, we have had a great first week! Your response has been way more than we ever expected, and it’s pushed us to build more of your requests. We’re excited about all that YouCanSend.me is growing into, and we can’t wait to hear more of your incredible ideas and stories of how to use your site!

So without any further delay, let’s get to the features!


When we initially started building out YouCanSend.me, we had an extra $5 option for upgrading your site with a blog. As we developed the idea though, we realized that this was so much a part of why YouCanSend.me works, that it would be just plain wrong to charge extra for it! So, as of today, all accounts have full blog functionality built in, for FREE!

You can share a link to your blog (youcansend.me/username/blog) or click on an individual post for a link to that post directly. We know that it’s important to keep your supporters involved with your project, so we hope this new feature makes it even easier for you to raise funds!


As you may have already stumbled upon this week, we added the option to choose between 6 different themes for your site! We thought we’d mix things up a bit and add a little color to your life. Wanna spice up your page? Just click the “Appearance” section in your YouCanSend.me admin, choose your favorite theme, click “Preview” to take it for a test-drive, or click “Activate” to share it with the world!

Google Analytics

This one is for the more advanced users, so fasten your seat-belts. Want to get detailed data about who’s viewing your site? We’ve added in Google Analytics functionality just for you. Hit up “Settings” in your admin panel and you’ll see the Google Analytics option. All you need to supply is your UA number (i.e. ‘UA-01234567-8′) and you’ll be collecting data in no time!

The End

Well that’s about it for this round. We hope these new features make it even easier for you to raise funds! We’ve got some more pretty exciting features coming down the pipe, so be on the lookout.

Got an idea or suggestion for how to make YouCanSend.me even better? Send us a quick note at ideas@youcansend.me – we love getting letters!

- The YouCanSend.me Team

Setup Google Analytics

1.) Find your Google UA number

When you first sign up for Google Analytics they give you a chunk of code to put in your site header. Your UA number appears in this code.

If your are long standing Google Analytics user sign in and you should find you UA number next to your primary domain.

For more info about obtaining a Google anylitics and how it works Google Analytics.

2.) Enter your Google Analytic UA number

From the left hand column of your YouCanSend.me admin click Settings/Google Analytics.

Enter you UA number into the field provided

3.) Save!

That’s it your page is now being track with google analytics!

Setup Instructions for YouCanSend.me

1.) Enter all of the info about yourself and your trip in the fields provided.
For more info about obtaining a PayPal account and how it works click here.

2.) Remember to click save options before going back to view your page.

3.) In the top left side of your admin section, click on your site name to view your page and double-check your settings.

Double-check your settings

1.) Check to make sure all of your fields loaded their info properly.

Confirm that your PayPal link is working

1.) After entering in your PayPal email in the ‘YouCanSend.me Options’ make sure to click the link to test it.

2.) If it’s working properly you should get redirect to Custom PayPal donation page.

Spread the Word

1.) That’s it! You’ve setup your page. Now just spread the word!

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