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March 28th, 2017

BJ’s Brewhouse Restaurant Fundraiser

Thursday April 27th

On Thursday April 27th, BJs Brewhouse will give 20% of food and soft drink purchases to Action Church Honduras Missionaries (alcohol purchases not included). In order for your purchase to be donated you must show them a flyer, which I will post on this blog in the next few days. During the night you can enjoy food with friends and can also make additional donations to support missionaries. We may even have a silent auction so you can get even go home with something awesome! If you forget your flyer at home you can use the flyer posted here to still be a part of this fundraiser. This fundraiser works for sit down orders as well as to go orders. Please come out and invite all your friends! It is going to be great!

When: Thursday April 27th

Where: BJs Brewhouse – 8285 Red Bug Lake Rd, Oviedo, FL 32765

Cost: Price of dinner

How: Stop by and sit down or pick up to go and let your waiter scan your bar code so 20% of your purchase sponsors me.


Send Donations to Families in Honduras


You can support me by supporting the people of Honduras. Up until a week before I leave I will be collecting a list of donations that I will deliver to children and families. The choices I have are as follows:

$3        Hair Accessories (hair ties, bows, clips, headbands)

$3        Toy car

$5        Arts and crafts (stickers, crayons, coloring book, etc.)

$5        Stuffed animal

$10     Toys (jump ropes, puzzles, Frisbees, etc.)

$15     Spanish bible

$20    Given the Spirit of LOVE T-shirt

To participate please make a donation on this website and make a note in the memo line what you are donating (ex. 2 cars, 1 stuffed animal, 1 bible – donation of $26). If nothing is written in the memo line, I will not know what the gift is and will not be able to purchase it.

T-Shirt Sale

From now until the end of May

I am selling T-shirts to help raise funds. Here is the story behind the quote:

There was a time that I was scared to death and was debating whether or not going to Honduras was right. I kept hearing stories about safety issues in Honduras and was certain that I was going to be kidnapped and sold into sex trafficking if I chose to stay and serve without a team. I was about to let fear stop me from following a calling that I clearly knew was from God. I woke up with 2nd Timothy 1:7 “For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind” running through my head the next morning and decided I would not allow the spirit of fear to control my life any longer. God was sending me with the spirit of love! For this reason my shirts read “Given the Spirit of LOVE”. I hope that if you get one, every time you see it, you will not only think to pray for me but you will remember to do wonderful and powerful things for and in the name of God.

I am selling these shirts for $20. They run in sizes from XS-3XL. If I get enough interest, I can sell youth sizes as well. Please consider supporting me by buying a T-shirt if you feel led to do so. If you would like to buy a “donation shirt,” that is also an option. By this I mean that you can buy a shirt and I will bring it with me to Honduras to give to families in need of clothes. I am selling these shirts until the end of May and will distribute them in June before I leave.

What I need from you is the quantity you want, the gender, the size(s), a good phone number to reach you at, and if it is for you or a donation. For payment, I can either collect cash when I see you or you can donate to me through this website using PayPal and than in the memo line write T-shirt donations.

More Information About Yard Sale, And Parents Night Out To Come Soon


Past Events:

Night of Worship

Friday April 7th

Halieus International Support (HIS) is hosting an event to help raise money for the initial cost of my trip. This will be a night of worship featuring Zach Barnes, Brandy Forsman, and Ashley and Pastor Deb Winderweedle. We will worship and missionaries will share their stories from stage. It is going to be a great night and I would love to see you there!

When: Friday April 7th from 7pm-9pm

Where: Garden Grace Church – 6562 University Blvd. (parking provided)

Cost: $10 per Adult, $5 per Teen (age 13-17), Children 12 and under get in free

Dinner is offered at $2.50 per person

All proceeds will benefit Honduras missionaries

You will also have the chance to sponsor specific missionaries that night

How: to purchase tickets go to, click on ‘donate’ click on ‘events’ and select $10 for 1 person or $20 for 2 people and register.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Night of Worship Flyer

Easter Gifts

Now Until Easter

I can make Resurrection Eggs and/or Easter baskets for your children, significant other, or co-workers. I am selling 3 different sizes of Easter baskets. Below you will find the 3 choices, prices and what they include. Please private message me to specify what size you want with what goodies you want inside.

Resurrection Eggs – $10

Resurrection Eggs are the perfect way to crack open the glorious story of Jesus’ resurrection. 12 rainbow eggs are filled with miniature symbols of the Easter Story and a bible verse inside. These are a great way to engage children in what Easter is all about. I am selling them for $10.

Easter Baskets:

Small – $7

1. Choose Color: Pink, Purple, Or Green

2. Specify Chocolate Bunny Or Cross And Flavors

3. Chose 2 Additional Toys (See List Of Suggestions Below)

4. Chose 5 Types Of Candy

Additional $1 for anything you want to add

Additional $1 if you want it to be shrink-wrapped

Medium – $15

1. Choose Type And Color

2. Specify Chocolate Bunny Or Cross And Flavors

3. Chose 3 Additional Toys (See List Of Suggestions Below) Or Stuffed Animal

4. Chose Color of Peeps (Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple)

5. Chose 5 Types Of Candy

Additional $1 for anything you want to add

Additional $1 if you want it to be shrink-wrapped

Large – $20

1. Choose Type And Color Of Basket

2. Specify Chocolate Bunny Or Cross And Flavors

3. Chose 5 Additional Toys (See List Of Suggestions Below)

4. Chose Stuffed Animal

5. Chose Color of Peeps (Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple)

6. Chose 7 Types Of Candy

7. Choose 2 Arts And Crafts

Additional $1 for anything you want to add

Additional $1 if you want it to be shrink-wrapped

* Here are some examples of what I can get in each category, however, I am not limited to these and would love to talk about what you want and what else I can get:

Stuffed animal:

Lamb, bunny, frog, chick (ask about colors)


Bunny ears, bubbles, pencils, Easter rubrics cube, tic-tac-toe, Easter sunglasses, Slinkys, Easter paddle balls, jump rope, play-doh, figurines and knick-knacks, cookie cutters, etc.

Arts and crafts:

Coloring books, crayons, stickers, Easter ceramic figurines, etc.


Peeps, chocolate crisp small bunnies, jellybeans, chocolate eggs, cotton candy, lifesavers, smarties, sixlets, gummies, etc.

* Specialty Candy

Cadbury eggs, Reese’s eggs, chocolate nests, filled eggs, etc. may be a additional $1 charge depending on requests

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