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Christopher and I  are going to Honduras to complete a 10 week internship at the Jungle Hospital! We will be leaving May 26th to work at the Jungle Hospital and host short-term mission teams. We will be returning in early August. We really can't express how excited we are that we have this opportunity to serve.

We are trying to build a strong support group and raise sufficient funds. We want people to stand beside us and pray for us before we leave and while we are there. We are going to need some prayer warriors back here in the states while we are out in the Jungle of Honduras!

We are going to need to raise $6100 for the 10 weeks that we are going to help serve the community of Rio Viejo and the Jungle Hospital. This includes all of our expenses: housing, food, and transportation. We are believing that God has already organized the finances of this trip for us; He has called us to complete this internship and He will provide the resources for it.

To make things convenient we have set up two ways for donations:

1. - Many people are familiar with ‘go fund me’ sites, this website is very similar and is made for missionaries. This option allows you to use PayPal to donate.

2.     If you would like to receive a tax deduction for your donation you can donate to Healing Hands Global which is the non-profit corporation that helps fund the Jungle Hospital. The following instructions were sent to us from the corporation for these type of donations.

·  Make check or money order payable to “Healing Hands Global, Inc.” Credit card payments cannot be accepted at this time.

· Write “Chris and Rebecca Ferrara INTERNSHIP 2016” in the memo section of the check.

·  Attach a note to the check explaining that the funds are designated for your internship costs.  (Example: “This money is to be put towards the internship costs of Christopher and Rebecca Ferrara for the 2016 Missions internship.”

·       Payments should be sent to:

                                Healing Hands Global, Inc.

                                PO Box 86680

                               Baton Rouge, LA 70879

We are so grateful for everyone who has already donated to our internship and who have reached out to us and spoke life over our internship. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!



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