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In 2013, feeling a tug toward full-time ministry in my heart, I began my first year of Healing Place School of Ministry. Although HPSM is a 2-year long program, financial hardship kept me from continuing into the 2nd year of HPSM and finishing my degree. But ultimately, it's not the degree I’m after- it’s my calling. I feel called to full-time ministry, and more specifically I feel called to FINISH WELL


BOTTOM LINE: So here’s what I need: Between now and August 18th, 2015 I need help raising $3,700 to be able to begin the fall semester. It’s a lot of money, but nothing is impossible for God. I feel like He is calling me to finish HPSM, and He will provide for me to do so! Would you consider helping me pursue my calling? Whether you give to my journey financially, or support me in prayer- all of your support is accepted and appreciated!

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