Common Questions

How can I receive donations online?

Receiving Online donations is made simple with Each donation you receive is instantly credited to your PayPal. Don’t have a PayPal account? No Problem, obtaining a PayPal account is absolutely free.
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Does it cost anything to use PayPal?

Having a PayPal account is absolutely free. However because PayPal is processing credit cards on your behalf they do have small fee they charge per transaction.
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Are there limits to how much money I raise?

Never! With you can raise whatever amount of money you need.

Is it legal to solicit donations online?

Absolutely! Just as many popular political campaigns and non-profit organizations have done over the last few years, your page on the internet is just an extension of you. As in real life, it is up to your donors to use discretion with whom they choose to give to, but it is complete within the law to receive donations online.

What if a supporter request a tax deduction receipt?

Tax deductions are given when a donation  is made to a non-profit organization. You’re probably not a non-profit company (by yourself) but if your trip is being coordinated by a non-profit organization they may have a way for supporters to donate and still receive a tax deduction receipt. A common method is for supporters to write a check to the non-profit, then put your name and trip details in the memo field.

Contact the non-profit organization coordinating your trip, ask for instructions on how supporters can make a tax deductible donation toward your trip, add those instructions on your site using the “About My Trip” section or a blog post, make sure that it’s legible and clear. Viola! Tax deductible giving.

Is a PayPal account required for people to donate?

No. A PayPal account is not required to donate. We advise all users to look into the free PayPal Premier account to allow supporters to make donations with any major credit card.
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Will charge me any fees?

Nope. Your $10 monthly plan covers all costs for maintaining your site and improving features over time.

How is billed

You’re required to enter payment details for when you sign-up. The card you provide during sign-up card will then be billed monthly for your currently Monthly Plan and any Add-On’s you enable. You can update your payment details anytime but going to the “Payment Details” section in your admin panel.

Can I cancel anytime? is a month by month service. You can cancel your account at any time.

Will my supporters get charged any fees?

Never! Your supporters are never charged any fees when donating to your trip.

How will I know when people donate?

Every time someone donates to your trip your trip progress will be updated and you will receive an e-mail from PayPal with details on the donation about and who it was from.

How do I login?

To login go to