PayPal Integration

PayPal integration means your donations go straight to you. Quick access to your money with security you can trust! Have your funds deposited to your bank account or request a check from PayPal when you're ready.

Page Themes

Choose from a number of basic and premium themes to make your site your own! New themes are always being added, so you can find one that fits your style.

Progress Tracking

Easy progress tracking tools help to keep supporters up to date on your fund-raising progress! Use them to your advantage to keep supporters in the loop.

Recurring Donations

Weekly, monthly, and yearly donations allow your supporters to set up recurring donations at the frequency of their choice. (Monthly Add-On Required)

Donation Tracking

Donation tracking keeps up with all donations made through your site, in one place. View supporters, export a list, or even email all supporters at once.

Blog Comments

Blog comments allow anyone who is tracking your progress to comment on your posts! Reply back to keep the conversation going and interact with supporters!

Email & RSS Feeds

RSS and Email subscriptions make it easy for anyone to follow your YouCanSend.me blog posts or receive email notifications each time you post.

Social Sharing

Spreading the word is easy through Facebook, Twitter and email sharing links! Easily allow friends and family to help share your site as well!

Full-Featured Blog

Your site has a full-featured blog to take your supporters with you on your journey. Easily create post while you raise funds, on your trip, and when you get back.