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what is it? is creative fund-raising solution. Whether you’re raising money for a mission trip, youth camp, seniors trip, around the world adventure, honeymoon, or just trying to get away from the kids for a bit, fund-raising has never been so simple.

In less than 5 minutes you can create your very own personalized fund-raising site. Upload a picture of yourself, fill in information about your trip, provide a PayPal account to receive funds, and you’re ready to hit the ground running!

But goes beyond just asking for support. Your personalized fund-raising site is packaged with a fully functional blog setup, allowing you to keep your supporters updated through the entire process. Pictures, posts, comments, all in one place!

Using email, Facebook, and Twitter sharing, you can put your site in the hands of hundreds of potential supporters without the hassle of the traditional stamp & envelope fund-raising routine. What are you waiting for put your social network to good use!


It’s Cost Effective

Using the standard “mail-a-letter” method, stamps & envelopes for 100 support letters would cost you over $50. Think about it; $50 dollars to reach 100 people, 1 time. Not to mention the fact that you have a 30-second window to capture their attention when they first open your letter, and they may never read it again.

Reach A Limitless Audience

With you can share your page via Twitter, Facebook or Email hundreds of times. People who visit your site can also spread the word, giving you an unlimited audience of potential supporters.

Stay Connected With Your Supporters

Raising money can be difficult; so difficult sometimes, that we forget the sacrifice that our supporters made to be able donate to our trip. Our focus at is to equip you to stay connected with the people who supported you and your trip. A donation should be a win-win for you AND your supporters, and taking the time to keep your supporters updated along your journey is a key part of making that a reality.

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