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Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

God has spoken to my heart and opened a door to a fresh opportunity for me to experience.  I’m going on a mission trip to Bangalore, India.  After attending the second interest group meeting God confirmed to me…that He had predestined this moment for me in ministry. 

A team of believers from my local church will partner with “God first”, a local church in India and the “RACE” (Rescue and Care) Project, a non-profit organization who dedicates their time to recuing women and children from the grips of human trafficking.  At the center of this trip is Christ our Lord and His love which He freely gives to all.  We plan to spend many hours ministering to young women and children that have been rescued from human trafficking but do not know Christ.  We’ll be disciples in a foreign land where only 2.3% of the populace are Christians…in addition to ministering to women and children we will evangelize in the local villages and conduct prayer walks declaring the Word of our God.  I’m excited and amazed at the awesomeness of our God our Creator and His matchless love and power which transcends every boundary and supernaturally breaks every yoke and chain of the enemy. (Jer 28:4 & 11)

Now let me share a little about me….and why this mission trip….

My heart has been preserved for the work of my Father.  I have been called to labor in the vineyard professing the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  My call is rooted and purposed in Him and His plans for me are ever evolving and being made known to me…God’s revelation of my purpose and call through His Word and dreams has ignited His Spirit in me to just say ‘Yes Lord” to whatever He wills in my life.  As we know according to the Word we only know in part what God has planned for us.  (1Corinth 13:9)

My heart is a tablet…a “scroll” if you will which I’ve totally surrendered to my Father.  A scroll usually contains a message or a direct order from a king or some sort of authority figure but for me it’s a message or instructions from “The King of Kings” and my heart is where He has free reign to speak to me.  I have made up my mind that with God I have only one response and that is obedience as I truly believe that with God I can do all things. (Phil 4:13)

For years my desire to go on a mission a trip has secretly rested in my spirit known only between myself and my God. In times past I’ve said to God, “If it’s your will I know in your time you will open the door”.  Well I believe the time has arrived and the door has been opened so my answer is Yes Lord, send me I’ll go.  I truly believe that nothing in my life is by happen stance nor a coincidence therefore this moment is ordained by my Father and for me it’s exciting because whatever He has ordained is already BLESSED.  We are a people called by God…unworthy of His goodness but in Him we’re able to serve and walk in humility.  We’re His instruments of clay…He’s the Potter and we are the work of His hands. (Is 64:8) (Jer. 18:1-6)

We’ve been asked to operate in a spirit of humility therefore we must raise our own resources to pay for this mission.  The total cost of the trip is $2000 therefore I humbly seek your support by way of donations and prayers.  I will keep my blog (http://youcansend.me/lgarner/ ) updated throughout this entire journey so you may experience this life changing moment with me.  

Lastly, I admonish you to first take time to pray for guidance…ask God what should you donate if anything at all.  I firmly believe that God’s work is already undergirded with His provisions and we are simply the vessels by which the work flows be-it in service or giving unto His kingdom.  So for this reason I will not approach you a second time about a donation as I plan to stand still as God speaks to your heart and I trust that if it’s His will for us serve together on this assignment you will be obedient to His instructions.  If you decide to donate you can via this blog NLT Saturday, 28-Feb-2015.

May the Lord richly bless you as you continue to serve Him. 

From one servant’s heart to another,

Minister Lisa Garner

“A Woman God Can Use” 

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