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With the help of the Church and individuals, I have engaged in mission trips at home and abroad. Recently I was solicited to join a medical mission trip to Ecuador to help. This outreach is through Hand of Hope, a division of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

The call went out to qualified nurses in request to heed the call to assist Doctors who also volunteer to help those in need. I do believe by Grace you are saved through faith, but I also believe that faith without works is dead. If you would like to share in this act of faith and express your beliefs in a tangable way, I ask you to join me in accomplishing this work as guided by your faith and share in the blessings that flow from such obedience to the word!

Time is short to back this effort. Follow your instinct and your desire to help even when you need to use a proxie to achieve your goal.

A photo essay will be posted upon the conclusion of this medical mission to share your results and you will (with permission) be shared on my sponsor wall. I look forward to representing your endevor.

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September 23rd, 2015

I want to thank you for the prayers, support and encouragement which have been expressed toward this mission trip. As time draws near for departure, as with any overseas trip, the butterflies are flying and the to be done list seems to grow longer. The good news is that “all things are possible with God”… Full Post »

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