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March 11th, 2016

Everyday I get a notification on my phone telling me I am one more day closer to leaving to Costa Rica. Overtime I get that notification I get filled with a mixture of feelings; excitement for a new chapter in my life, joy that I have an opportunity to serve God in such an incredible way, and I nervousness. Everyday I doubt myself. Am I ready to leave my family for 10 weeks? How am I going to communicate with others if I can barley speak Spanish myself? Will I have the energy and strength to keep giving my all every day? Someday I am overwhelmed with the questions then others.

During this process of preparing for my trip, I’ve been reminded that God will be with me through my excitement, joy, nervousness, and especially my doubt. “And God said, ‘I will be with you…’” (Exodus 3:12) So if God promises me I won’t be alone, and He will be with me then why should I worry during this time of preparation? The answer is simple. I shouldn’t, there is no reason I should worry or be nervous when the God of the universe will be with me.  Through this time leading up to my experience in Costa Rica, I’ve learned that I need to “Be still” (Psalm 46:10) and fully trust God.

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